Wet air scrubbers prevent dust explosions

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Wet scrubbing in industrial applications is considered to be a perfect technique for air pollution control. Wet air scrubbers allow controlling exhaust from process equipment. Numerous successful installations of wet scrubbers are distinguished for dryers, mixers, bucket elevators, bagging stations, and other particulate pollutants points.

The versatile scrubbing technology is regarded as not only an alternative to standard air pollution control equipment, in some cases, wet air scrubbers are the best option. For example, wet scrubber systems demonstrate high efficiency in applications where particulate pollutants being caught are combustible.

The thing is that the operating principle of wet scrubbers is based on the use of ordinary water or a special liquid to scrub particulates from an airstream resulting in the elimination of potential dust explosion. Moreover, it is possible to develop virtually any design of scrubbers required for specific solutions.

To be more precise, several accidents occurred in recent years bring manufacturers to utilize scrubbing systems in order to increase safety requirements to protect workers, plants and equipment. Despite not all explosions happen because of dust, sugar refinery suffers the most, and wet air scrubbers offer perfect environments for deflagration to happen.

It should be noted that dust explosions can occur under the following conditions: fuel (combustible dust), enclosure, dispersion (dust cloud), oxygen, and an ignition source. Herewith, the majority of protection air treatment devices have a high cost and need for ongoing maintenance and inspections.

Wet air scrubbers are an ideal alternative to applying the dust collectors in these types of applications. Employing water as the catching media, wet scrubber takes away the dust cloud and explosion potential by wetting the dust. Additionally, wet air scrubbers do not create a threat from an external ignition source. Thus, scrubbing systems based on water use remove the conditions for explosion and isolation protection, saving capital and long-term operating costs.

Apart from the sugar refinery mentioned above, the applications of wet scrubber systems include handling metal fines, chemicals, and numerous organic materials. Moreover, air scrubbers are useful for high-temperature applications. For instance, standard wet scrubber systems can handle the high temperatures of the process without any special design requirements or expensive replacement units.

If you would like to make your contribution to improving air quality in order to provide air pollution control, you should choose a new type of wet scrubbers that is Multi-Vortex scrubber. Multi-Vortex wet air scrubber could apply water contaminated with dust, sand, and even small rocks to capture particulate pollutants, different types of dust and some gases from the air. 

This type of scrubber is an ideal solution for ore and coal mining. Thus, it can be used in different mining, combustion and chemical processes to capture gases. Also, in some cases, the unique Multi-Vortex scrubber design allows utilizing cheaper reagents to capture the pollutant gas with more efficiency than a standard wet scrubber. If you would like to buy Multi-Vortex wet air scrubber or have some questions, please contact us at info@optromix.com

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