Scroiler™ is the new
type of wet air scrubber
that saves water

​Being a new type of wet air scrubber, Scroiler™ cleans air from gases, dust,
vapors and other admixtures using water or other cleaning liquid.
Scroiler™ produces the cleaning mist differently from other scrubber systems, which
results in running costs that are much lower than for a common wet air scrubber.
Scroiler™ is the new type of wet air scrubber that saves water.

Using Scroiler™ is more profitable than common wet air scrubber

Due to low pressure of the cleaning liquid and its patented design, the Scroiler has a number of advantages over conventional scrubbers:

  • Compact. Scroiler™ has the different cleaning mist production technology, which makes it compact in comparison. Scroiler™ can be produced in any cross section shape to fit any industrial system design that exists or is in a project.
  • Omnivorous. Scroiler™ can use contaminated water for cleaning. Cleaning water could be highly mineralized (up to 250 g of salts in 1 liter of water) or could contain sand, even small rocks. Scroiler is never going to be clogged or weared.
  • Eco-friendly. Scroiler™ can reuse the waste water from the sump. Thus Scroiler efficiently reduces the turnover water volume, compared to common wet air scrubber.
  • Economical. There is no abrasion in the Scroiler™. Due to this fact Scroiler™ has no elements which require replacement during operation such as nozzles or necks. Unlike wet air scrubbers the core components of Scroiler can be made of plastic and there is no need to replace them.
  • Low-maintenance. As a result Scroiler™ has very low running cost. In most of the cases there is no need to interrupt Scroiler’s operation for at least 5 years.

Scroiler™ can be utilized wherever any wet air scrubber is used

Every wet air scrubber currently installed worldwide can be replaced by a Scroiler™ for more effective air pollution control. Reference list includes more than 100 Scroiler™s installed since 2011 with 3 000 – 200 000 cfm capacity. About 50% of these installations are retrofits to replace old wet air scrubbers of different types or to replace other air pollution control systems like cyclones, baghouses etc. Below you can find some Scroiler™ applications from our reference list:

Scroiler™ cleans flue gases at coal power stations and CHP stations

We have several Scroiler™s installed on the funnels of the coal power station and on CHP (combined heat and power) boilers for high efficient cleaning of flue gases from ash and SOx. For example, we had installed a Scroiler™ system at the small coal CHP which provides small town with heat and energy. This CHP station is equipped with a 3 tons per hour capacity boiler and a mechanical stoker which consumes ordinary coal. The output power of CHP is 2.5 MW. We replaced cyclones with the Scroiler™ system to obtain the treatment quality of 99.95%.

Scroiler™ is used for FGD process at an aluminium plant

In 2015 we installed several Scroiler™s at the Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Plant ( owned by RUSAL) to replace foam scrubbers in the FGD process which were installed after fluorine dry absorption process by alumina. The Plant uses wet aluminium production process and has several recirculating pools, so called “wet tailings”. The water from these pools with mineralization of 250 g per liter is used for flue gases desulphurization at the temperature of 150°C. The foam scrubber had been clogged by salt deposits monthly and had to be stopped and unclogged manually. We installed a Scroiler™ system inside existing foam scrubbers’ bodies by cutting out foam grille, replacing it with a plastic Scroiler™ dispersive grille and setting up water supply. The result was overwhelming for the client - Scroiler™s have been replacing the foam scrubber for 6 months already without any stops for unclogging, while producing better cleaning.


Scroiler™ increases efficiency of a coal boiler

We have significant experience of increasing efficiency of a fluidized bed boiler (PFBC) working with low-ash coals (Ac = 3-8%). The well known problem of false air which takes energy off the combustion process has not been not solved yet. This fact is explained by high pollution of false air with ash and other products that makes it unsuitable for combustion process. No air pollution control system was able to aleviate this problem until we used Scroiler™ to clean the false air. As a result there is a permanently working false air cleaning system which increases boiler efficiency by ~3%. We have a growing number of such systems installed in Poland.

Scroiler™ removes cyanide in gold mining leach process

Scroiler™ systems of 70 000 cfm capacity were installed at Polyus Gold Corporation gold mining facilities. Previously the client had used wet air scrubbers to absorb HCN which is the result of the wet leach process. The cleaning liquid for these wet air scrubbers is pure concentrated Calcium Hydroxide. The reagent too expensive, especially due to frequent clogging of scrubbers. We replaced wet air scrubbers with Scroiler™s. On-site tests had shown that Scroiler™ can demonstrate the same air treatment quality using lime milk instead of pure concentrated Ca(OH)2. Besides Scroiler™ can use low quality cleaning liquid that could be prepared on-site and could contain even small rocks of lime. The client was very satisfied with the economic effect and ordered a few dozen Scroiler™s.


Scroiler™ removers electroplating vapors

Chromium plating is one of the industrial processes that are not only harmful to the environment, but also very dangerous to people’s health. One of plants ask us to install Scroiler™s over the electroplating baths to absorb Chromium compounds and NaOH vapours. It turned out that serial Scroiler™ models with capacity of 3,000 or 6,000 cfm are coping this task perfectly. The treatment quality is higher than 99.9% both on Chromium compounds and NaOH vapours.

Scroiler™ application at the black liquor recovery boiling

The black liquor combustion at the recovery boiler is used in the paper making Kraft-process to recover some critical chemicals for the process. Black liquor combustion produces large amount of 250°C hot ash and dust, NOx and other air pollutants. To treat this pollution at one of International Paper owned pulp and paper plants we installed 6 Scroiler™ systems with total capacity of 180,000 cfm – two Scroiler™s per boiler. Customer’s choice fell on the wet cleaning since it is much safer and much more effective in gases cleaning than dry methods. And among wet methods Scroiler™ is apart the competition.

Scroiler™ application for sulphuric acid vapours

Sulphuric acid vapours are major air pollutant of zinc production. We installed a Scroiler™ system to absorb this pollutant at one of zinc production plants in Kazakhstan. The air treatment quality appeared 10% higher than for Venturi scrubbers that have been previously installed. The client had noticed especially the easy maintenance and low operation cost of the Scroiler™ system.

Scroiler™ removes coal dust from the air at loading facilities

A 3000 cfm Scroiler™ of was specially designed to be installed over the coal conveyor belt. We installed couple of dozens of Scroiler™s at coal power stations, CHP and coal processing facilities. This type of Scroiler™ is in serial production and it is matched with standard 24-32’’ conveyor belt width and typical speed of 5-10 fps. Scroiler™ is normally set at the conveyor belt feed or car dumper and at the discharge. Air treatment quality depends on the coal type and varies from 99.95% to 99.99%.

Scroiler™ at the asphalt concrete production

The aggregate drying for HMAC could be a very dusty process. We installed a Scroiler™ at the asphalt concrete factory to suppress inert mineral dust. The air treatment consists of two stages there. First, there are bag filters operating at a temperature of 100°-120°C. Second, there is a Scroiler™ system. As a result the air treatment quality is above 99.9%.

Scroiler™ cleans air of dust at the iron mine

Heavy iron ore dust can cause trouble. We have installed several Scroiler™s at the surface discharge of the underground iron ore mine and at the points where the ore concentrate is discharged into railroad cars. At this mine the Scroiler™s achieved 99.99% air treatment quality

Wet air scrubber replacement and retrofitting

When a common wet air scrubber often gets clogged, is expensive to use, or simply needs repairs, companies usually come to us. Our Scroiler™ is devoid of many wet air scrubber’s drawbacks while operating at the same efficiency. The reason is simple, the Scroiler™ is developed in the XXI century, while the common wet air scrubbers were developed in the XVIII-XX century and since then have not changed significantly. Scroiler™ can replace your wet air scrubber as a whole, and in some cases we can use your old scrubber - primarily it’s body - as a basis for a Scroiler™ system. This makes design, installation and operation much easier. All our customers notice a significant reduction in operating costs and often a significant increase in gas treatment quality.

Scroiler™ has an original design

Polluted gas passes through the dispersing grille upwards to produce a spatial field of multiple gas microturbulence vortices. Cleaning liquid falls free over this gas field. Microturbulence disperses liquid to the “fluidised bed” which forms a highly effective cleaning mist.

Scroiler™ requires external cleaning liquid (water) feed system and external waste liquid disposal. In many cases the cleaning water can be returned to the process to form the closed water cycle.

Compact design Scroiler™ and any capacity Scroiler™

There are two different designs of Scroiler™ based on the same technology:

The autonomous system to be installed over ore or coal belt conveyors at the feed or discharge. This compact design Scroiler™ has a polluted air supply fan with capacity of 3 000 or 6 000 cfm.

The Scroiler™ chamber which has no air supply fan and has to be joined with client’s pressurized gas/air vents. This system will be designed based on your requirements and can be configured flexibly for the capacity of 10 000 cfm, 25 000 cfm, 50 000 cfm, 100 000 cfm, 150 000 cfm, 200 000 cfm, 250 000 cfm, and any capacity in this range. Several Scroiler™s of this type can be seamlessly combined to obtain even bigger capacity.

That’s how Scroiler™ works