Multi-Vortex is the new type of wet air scrubber that consumes heavily contaminated water

Multi-Vortex Scrubber could use water contaminated with dust, sand, and even small rocks to capture particulate matter, various types of dust and some gases from the air. Multi-Vortex Scrubbers are replacing traditional scrubbers in ore and coal mining widely.

With fan system

Multi-Vortex Scrubber has a number of advantages over conventional wet air scrubbers:

  • Compact. It has different phase exchange technology, which makes it compact in comparison. Multi-Vortex Scrubber has a squared section and could fit any space available.
  • Omnivorous. Multi-Vortex Scrubber is never going to be clogged. Cleaning water could be highly mineralized (up to 250 g of salts in 1 liter of water) or could contain sand, even small rocks.
  • Eco-friendly. Multi-Vortex Scrubber efficiently reduces the volume of turnover water  – by 90% in some cases.

Low-maintenance. Multi-vortex scrubber has a low running cost. In most of the cases, there is no need to interrupt its operation for at least 5 years.

Dual Multi-Vortex Scrubber with fans

Applications and Designs of Multi-Vortex Scrubber

Scroiler_open tray 400

Coal, Ore wet dust collector over Conveyors and Loading facilities

A 5000 m3/h Multi-Vortex Scrubber was specially designed to be installed over the conveyor belt. This type of scrubber – we call it Scroiler™ or “umbrella type” – is in mass production. It fits standard 60-80 cm conveyor belt width and typical speed of 1.5-3 m/sec. Scroiler™ is normally set at the conveyor belt feed or car dumper and at the discharge. Air treatment quality depends on the ore or coal type and varies from 99.95% to 99.99%.

We manufacture this compact design Scroiler™ in series. The air supply fan with a capacity of 5 000 m3/h makes it autonomous from air vents.


Capturing SOx, HCN, and other gases

The Multi-Vortex Scrubber could be used in different mining, combustion and chemical processes to capture gases. Typical gas applications are:

  • Gold mining leach process – HCN
  • FGD process at the aluminum plant – SOx
  • Flue gas desulfurization at Coal Power Plant (CPP) – SOx
  • Acid vapors scrubber at zink production – HCl

In some cases, the unique Multi-Vortex Scrubber design helps to apply cheaper reagent to capture the pollutant gas with more efficiency than a typical wet scrubber. Air treatment quality depends on the pollutant gas and reagent, varies from 85.00% to 99.99%.

The Multi-Vortex Scrubber will be custom designed on your requirements. This system will have to be joined with the client’s pressurized gas/air vents. The typical capacities are 5,000 m3/h, 10,000 m3/h, 15,000 m3/h, 20,000 m3/h, 25,000 m3/h, 30,000 m3/h, 35,000 m3/h, 40,000 m3/h, 45,000 m3/h or 50,000 m3/h. The Multi-Vortex Scrubber could be tuned on site to obtain any capacity in this range. Several Multi-Vortex Scrubbers can be combined to obtain an even bigger capacity of 100,000 m3/h, 200,000 m3/h, and higher.

Compact Hard and Soft Hood

Most of air pollution control systems currently installed worldwide – packed bed scrubbers, tray towers, plate columns, Venturi scrubbers, cyclone dust collectors, baghouses and others – can be effectively replaced by Multi-Vortex Scrubbers. There are more than 200 Multi-Vortex Scrubbers installed since 2011. Almost half of them is retrofit to replace old wet air scrubber of different types. In some cases, Multi-Vortex Scrubber system could be installed inside the existing tower by replacing old scrubber system.

Multi-Vortex Scrubber has patented technology

Contaminated air passes through the dispersive grating of special form upwards to produce a spatial field of multiple gas microturbulence vortices. Cleaning liquid falls free over this spatial field. Microturbulence disperses liquid to form a highly effective cleaning mist.

The air flow outline inside the Multi-Vortex Scrubber could be seen at the image to the right.

Multi-Vortex Scrubber requires external cleaning liquid (water) feed system and external waste liquid disposal. In most of the cases, the cleaning water can be returned to the process to form the closed water cycle. As a result, Multi-Vortex Scrubber saves up 90% of water compared to other scrubber types.

The Multi-Vortex technology is patented in the 16 countries.


The dispersive grating in action

Video will be opened on YouTube site

Please note the water falls free from the source over the far left angle of the dispersive grating and then disperses evenly overall the grating.

Please provide us with accurate information about the pollution source and the treatment quality required.

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