The principle of baghouse dust collector’s operation

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Baghouse dust collectors are considered to be an air treatment device that allows filtering the air by bags made of different materials that have to be periodically cleaned to take away the accumulated dust. Nowadays, the popularity of cartridge dust collectors continues increasing due to their main benefit that is the opportunity to pack a large surface area into a small space and to catch tiny particulates (sub-micron) highly efficiently. Air treatment is a very important factor for some industries, for example, metalworking that produces smoke and gases that include potentially toxic materials.

In spite of the fact that the baghouse dust collectors have been widely used in industries for many years, they still play a crucial role. The basic principle of dust collectors remains the same, however, new materials and new air treatment techniques make the baghouse collectors more adaptable to solve the problems caused by air pollution than ever. Nevertheless, cartridge dust collectors are not required for every industry.

It should be noted that typically the construction of all baghouse dust collectors includes a tube sheet to which the bags are attached, an inlet for polluted air and an outlet for filtered air, and an opening at the bottom for collected dust to drop out. Herewith, the type of baghouse collector influences the location of the mentioned above elements, and the main difference between the types of baghouse dust collectors is the way of the bags remain clean.

For example, a shaker baghouse dust collector has a mechanical cleaning by shaking the bag. To be more precise, generally, the bags are installed at the tube sheet at the bottom, and they hang from the top of the unit. In this air treatment system, air comes in the bottom, then it goes through to collect on the inside of the bags. These dust collectors are not the most efficient ones, herein, their cost is pretty expensive.

The operation of a reverse air filter baghouse dust collector is based on the entering the polluted air in the collector where dust particles collect on the outside of the bags, and a metal cage supports them preventing the air pressure from breaking them. Also, it should be noted that this air treatment system is highly cost-effective if it is used for the purposes for which it was developed.

There is also a pulse jet dust collector that is similar to the previous one, its bags are maintained by metal cages and hang from a tube sheet at the top of the baghouse. The main disadvantage of all baghouse air treatment devices is replacing the bags because this dirty, time-consuming job requires the dust collector to be off-line for a significant period.

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