Cyclone dust collectors for plastic processing

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Cyclone dust collectors are air treatment devices that allow efficiently capturing the dust and debris produced by various machining operations. To be more precise, cyclone dust collectors are considered to be two-stage dust collectors. The thing is that compared to conventional air treatment devices, cyclone collectors include two collection points for dust and debris. 

The first collection part can collect the heavier chips and debris, while the second one catches finer particulate matter. The operational principle of cyclone dust collectors is based on the centrifugal force that separates various particles. Thus, the airflow passes through a downward spiral or centrifugal vortex as soon as it enters into a cyclone collector

Herewith, the larger particles put from the airstream into the first collection part in the result of the action forces, while the finer particles put into the second stage filter component, and the particles caught by the cyclone dust collector are then collected in a secondary collection part.

One of the main air treatment applications of cyclone dust collectors includes the industry of plastic processing because traditional high-speed vacuum-conveying systems push plastic pellets and flakes so quickly that some are broken, resulting in dust and other challenges.

Moreover, pellets of soft materials cause smears of materials (“angel hair”) after their heating up, while the damage of harder materials produces small elements, particles or dust. Therefore, additional air treatment devices are used to remove them at vacuum conveying systems. Cyclone dust collectors, in their turn, offer improved and highly efficient dust collection, herein, reducing general maintenance requirements.

Also, cyclone collectors offer essential advantages for the industry of plastic processing that include:

  • crucial reduction of dust amount that is generally collected in fixed filter screens, which are difficult to reach, take away, and clean;
  • great extension of the maintenance interval of cyclone dust collectors, herewith, it often requires only to empty and replace the bin that collects the dust.
  • virtually no risks for conveyor performance problems or vacuum pump damage because of the dust collector’s maintenance delays or improperly re-installation.

Finally, cyclone dust collectors can be applied for mining, cement, metals, wood, and other applications that create large amounts of large, coarse dust. If you would like to make your contribution to improving air quality, you should choose a new type of wet scrubbers that is Multi-Vortex scrubber. Multi-Vortex scrubbing system could apply water contaminated with dust, sand, and even small rocks to capture particulate matter, different types of dust and some gases from the air.  If you would like to buy Multi-Vortex wet air scrubber or have some questions, please contact us at

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