New wet air scrubber for small vessels

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A company-manufacturer of wet air scrubbers from the Netherlands has presented a new compact scrubber system that is developed to be a simple and cost-effective solution for smaller vessels. It should be noted that sometimes the scrubber installation cost for SOx compliance on smaller ships, for instance, handymax bulkers or product tankers, undercut the advantages. 

The new wet scrubber is developed to make it simple for these vessels to continue applying heavy fuel oil and comply with SOx regulations. Despite the fact that the new scrubber system is considered to be an open-loop scrubber, it is delivered as a fully enclosed module and is developed to be a simple and cost-efficient solution on smaller ship vessels.

The operating principle of the wet air scrubber is based on the proven scrubber technology that’s already employed on hundreds of ships. Nevertheless, now it is possible to lift the scrubber on board and connect it without the help of a specialized scrubber team resulting in less work at the shipyard and an installation time of just 10–14 days. Thus, the initial investment is regarded as lower, but also the vessel can return more quickly to operations.

To be more precise, the wet scrubber “is designed for up to 75 tonnes of exhaust gas per hour and engine power up to 10 MW”, therefore, leading to a one-size-fits-all solution for numerous ships of 40 000–65 000 DWT, which usually contain bulkers and product tankers. Additionally, this scrubber can be used in hybrid mode, it has connections present for later conversion to a hybrid system.

Therefore, the developed wet air scrubber is not only cost-efficient but also highly promising. For instance, customers who doubt using a hybrid model will feel comfortable choosing the new scrubber system. The scrubber provides “flexibility to add equipment for closed-loop operation down the road, should they need to meet stricter water discharge regulations.”

Moreover, the packed bed scrubber has also a water trap developed to maintain safety by avoiding any backflow to the engine. The touch control makes the use easy and offers various connectivity options. It is also important that the scrubber technology is based on over 10 years of wet scrubber installations and operating experience at sea.

Since the company produced the first wet air scrubber in 2009, they have optimized the scrubber system by learning from each installation. No matter which type of scrubber customers install, they obtain efficient compliance, supported by the company, and a comprehensive portfolio of wet scrubber services – containing data-driven services.

If you would like to make your contribution to improving air quality in order to provide air pollution control, you should choose a new type of wet scrubbers that is Multi-Vortex scrubber. Multi-Vortex wet air scrubber could apply water contaminated with dust, sand, and even small rocks to capture particulate pollutants, different types of dust, and some gases from the air. 

This type of scrubber is an ideal solution for ore and coal mining. Thus, it can be used in different mining, combustion, and chemical processes to capture gases. Also, in some cases, the unique Multi-Vortex scrubber design allows utilizing cheaper reagents to capture the pollutant gas with more efficiency than a standard wet scrubber. If you would like to buy Multi-Vortex wet air scrubber or have some questions, please contact us at

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