Air pollution control should be tightened

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Nowadays the Ministry of natural resources and environment has claimed that a directive of urban air pollution control continues developing and air treatment regulations are planned to be issued in August. The thing is that numerous cities, especially Vietnam, now significantly suffer from weak air pollution control, and the situation has become worse in recent years resulting in severe problems with human health.

It should be noted that the draft of air treatment regulations, according to which air pollution control will be tightened in urban areas, have been presented for comment and consultation among ministries and agencies nationwide. To be more precise, the air pollution directive is considered to promote performing plans for gas emissions and air pollution control, and PM10 and PM2.5 dust monitoring.

Moreover, air treatment regulations also require huge cities with a high level of air pollution to control emission sources and suggest their own plans for decreasing vehicles traveling as well as the number of particulate pollutants on very bad and hazardous pollution days. For instance, the local government proposes to “rationally divide traffic flow to limit prolonged congestion” that finally leads to environmental problems because of weak air pollution control.

Herewith, specialists recommend expanding public transport networks, therefore, replacing private vehicles and installing scrubber systems that provide air treatment of particulate pollutants at factories and plants leading to decreasing the level of air pollution in whole and increasing the air quality and human health. Today there are different types of scrubbers (dry scrubber systems, wet air scrubbers, and hybrid scrubbers) that demonstrate high treatment efficiency and have a relatively low cost.

Nonetheless, wet scrubbers are regarded as the most widely used and environmentally-friendly in using at factories. Thus, every manufacturer can select the best variant suitable for their specific requirements and payment possibilities. It should be noted that the Ministry of natural resources and the environment is now working on the development of the legal framework on environmental protection and air quality monitoring as well as it will perform air pollution control by presenting the national action regulations.

If you would like to make your contribution to improving air quality in order to provide air pollution control, you should choose a new type of wet scrubbers that is Multi-Vortex scrubber. Multi-Vortex wet air scrubber could apply water contaminated with dust, sand, and even small rocks to capture particulate pollutants, different types of dust, and some gases from the air. 

This type of scrubber is an ideal solution for ore and coal mining. Thus, it can be used in different mining, combustion, and chemical processes to capture gases. Also, in some cases, the unique Multi-Vortex scrubber design allows utilizing cheaper reagents to capture the pollutant gas with more efficiency than a standard wet scrubber. If you would like to buy Multi-Vortex wet air scrubber or have some questions, please contact us at

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